Emmy Winning Hit Music Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Mentor Michéle-Vice Maslin
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Presents the next MUSIC IS MY AIR Q&A online event!!
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OUR OCTOBER WEBINAR - Thursday October 6, 2016 12 p.m. (noon) PDST / 3 p.m. EDST with Michéle Vice-Maslin (Emmy Award winning Hit Music Producer/Songwriter whose music airs on TV/Radio everyday /365 days a year and has had many hit songs with artists all over the world as well as over 5000 film/tv/game/ad/promo placements)

I came up with the concept of this event after speaking at & attending many others. They were all wonderful & I am always honored to be invited to speak, but the one thing I usually find missing is Q & A time for the attendees. I feel one learns a whole lot about everyone on the panels and all the great stuff they do, but not as much as you could about what you really want to know, like answers to questions you have about furthering your own careers. So in addition to attending all those fabulous large events, our WEBINAR will be a great way to learn even more & have your personal questions answered...the most important one being, "What do I do with all that information I just heard and how can I put it to practical use? " :)

Now - We'll DO IT!!!

I'm very excited about our upcoming 5th MUSIC IS MY AIR event...this time online so everyone from all over the world can join in!

I can't wait to see all who join us again and meet new faces as well.

Be empowered and inspired by all the possibilities to JUST DO IT!

Not only for beginners but for all who are involved in music and want to do more and be inspired by those who are finding success by just doing it!! The attendees at our last event were mostly professionals working in the biz, wanting to do and earn more.

We live and work in a system designed to make it extremely difficult for us, music creators and music biz peeps, to earn a living at our craft and jobs. The technicalities of songwriting, production, publishing, record labels, royalties, managing, social networking, and being an artist are such that if one does not have a good understanding and overview of the music biz world (even if they are having successes), it will be more difficult to reach and sustain set goals.

How to pitch and place music; How to license; What kinds of music works best for what projects; How to read and understand royalty statements and licenses; How to better manage time and budgets; How to network more efficiently; How to get paid!!! :) and on and on...all will be open for discussion and clarification.

You will learn a lot and just do it!!!


- Song critique (What makes a good song a great song! How to always be better)
- Collaborating
- Networking
- Social Networking
- Getting the most out of seminars attended
- Follow-ups
- Saying yes and following through
- How polite tenacity pays off
- No excuses
- There is always money to spend and time to find for what you want to accomplish
- Being proactive
- Staying positive

Organizations, Events, Educational sites to attend and join and research:
- Trade Shows - NMS, BILLBOARD Conferences, PRO Events, NARAS, CCC and AIMP events, AES, NAMM, SXSW, Sundance, Durango, NSAI Songposium, etc.

Publications and Web Sites to subscribe to:
- Billboard. Hollywood Reporter, Songquarters, Songlink, Music Business Registry, My Hit Online, Music Connection, Variety, Television Week, etc.

Understanding the jobs of the players in the biz:
- Music Supervisors, A&R, Publishers. Pluggers, PRO, Attorneys, Managers, Producers, Arrangers, etc.

- Performance & Mechanical Royalties and how to read statements
- Synch & Master Licenses Fees and basic points to read in contracts

Pitching for Film/Tv, Games, Ads, etc.
- Record deals
- Publishing deals
- Music Licensing and pitching direct and through libraries and the basics of those types of deals
- How to pitch properly and effectively and efficiently
- Opportunities for Foreign placements and pitching to them
- Opportunities for indie artists

.....And the list is endless. We can discuss it all!
Looking forward to seeing you there!!

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