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Join Emmy Winning Hit Music Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Speaker, Educator Michèle-Vice Maslin for her 16 class mastercourse where she will take you “From Song to Sync...And More" including everything in between. (Click here to see Michèle\\'s full credit list)
Learn what it takes to create the optimum styles and genres of songs for pitching - for synchronization in media (film, tv, ads, promos, games, trailers, etc.) and major artist and indy artist recordings. Learn how all genres work as well.
Understand the basics and in depth goings on of the music biz, music publishing, metadata, and all that yummy stuff so you can be armed with the correct knowledge to pitch efficiently and effectively.
Learn how to position yourself to make connections with the decision makers, build your pitching network and find the opportunities that exist everywhere.
Know the roles of the key players: Music Supervisors, A&R, Publishers, Song Pluggers, Sync Agents, Music Libraries, PROs, Attorneys, Managers, Producers, Arrangers Understand: Contracts, Licenses, Royalties, Non exclusive and Exclusive deals, Foreign placements
Walk away with invaluable knowledge to put it into real use and make money from your music!!! So many of Michèle’s former students are doing so!
This course is for those seeking a career in the business side of entertainment as well as for music creators.
What makes this course special...Michèle!!!
-Her method of personal attention. How much she cares about the well being and progress of each and every student.
-The fact that she is currently and actively in the daily music industry trenches, pitching and placing her music all the time and knows the how tos and subtleties involved in this ever-changing arena.
What else makes this course special...
- The diverse pitching opportunities Michèle discusses and is involved with are comprehensive!! Diversifying being key! Pitching to the full range of possibilities abounding! (ie. Film, TV, Artists, Games, Ads, Promos, Trailers, Direct to music supervisors, Direct to A&R, Direct to managers, Sync Agents, Song Pluggers, Music Libraries, Instore Retail, Greeting cards, Toys, YouTube monetizing and on and on...) Every day there are new apps and platforms and possibilities!
-What Michèle can promise... Michèle can promise that if the students in her course really pay attention and apply themselves, that by the end of the course they will have fast-tracked their way through the school of hard knocks and have learned the ins and outs and lingo of music publishing, licensing, metadata and more necessary to move forward in their careers; How to create and house the most optimum music for specific types of pitches and build their song catalogs; How to create a more effective way to correspond with the “powers that be” and pitch music to them; How to better network, create, build, expand their database of contacts and connections. All this for sync as well as artist opportunities. In this way they will be able to pitch more effectively and efficiently.
Classes are pre-recorded from a live version of the course and include the interactions and questions from previous students…further adding to the value of this version. The videos are housed for continuous review so one can now take the course at their own pace and on their own time.  The course includes a private Facebook mastermind group for class discussion and interaction where you can gain further value from participating and networking with the other talented members of the course. Additionally, there is a once a month live Q &A event and daily email office hours to Michèle for further hands on interaction if desired.
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Michèle Vice-Maslin

Emmy Winning Hit Music Producer Songwriter Publisher 

who composes (both music & lyrics), produces/arranges for artists/ films/ TV / ads /promos / games, etc. with numerous major label hit songs & cuts worldwide as well as over 5000 film/tv/media music placements for her companies Mob Force Productions and Sweetersongs. Her music airs on TV/radio everyday /365 days a year.


ATAS (Television Academy)Music Peer Group Executive Committee

PMA (Production Music Association) Composer Board




https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0895872/  (not updated)




My amazing students\\' testimonials below say it all... Always remember we must be vested in ourselves and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


x M


Jeana Gladstone - Singer/Songwriter USA

There is nothing quite like this course. I have taken other sync courses and they didn’t equip me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to actually run a business. Michèle’s course did! Her dedication and care are evident in everything from the way she structures the course to the way she answers questions. She is absolutely committed to her students’ success.


Samantha Gunney - Songwriter, Audio Engineer and Radio Producer USA

Michèle is the embodiment of the music business. Not only did we learn the sync licensing business and how to successfully pitch to music supervisors, but we also learned invaluable lessons about how to make additional income with our music. This includes: 1) how to keep and maintain our income; 2) radio opportunities; 3) the record industry; and 4) publishing, to name a few. The best part is her unwavering commitment to each one of us individually and determination to make sure each one of us is fully armed for continued success in our own right. This class was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’m forever grateful for the expertise, kindness, and support of Michèle Vice- Maslin. Thank you, Michèle! I’d recommend this class in a heartbeat!


F-M Cossey - Songwriter NZ

Michèle Vice-Maslin is a wonderfully caring and generous teacher whose in-depth knowledge of sync licensing and the music business is astounding! She has given us the skills and confidence to present ourselves and our music in the best way possible. She\\'s always discovering new developments in the industry to share with us, explaining things with infinite patience. Her course is amazing!


Alisa Eisenberg – Singer/Songwriter and Composer USA

You don’t know what you don’t know! Taking Michèle’s class fills in the blanks for the modern pitch era. It not only gave me knowledge, but the confidence needed of how to approach the art of the pitch. She brought together such a wonderful and talented group of music creators that a lovely community formed. Taking this class during the pandemic was one of the best things I could have done! Many thanks to Michèle for her guidance, expertise, and a multitude of offerings!


Mat Skinner - Music for licensing: Ads/TV & Film USA

With so many courses available in the sync world, the majority of which failing to provide you with correct information or indeed, perhaps, the wrong information, Michéle’s course cuts through the noise with guidance that’s clear, succinct, and thorough from start to finish. With 40+ years of experience & 1000s of placements under her belt you need no other course on this subject. She’ll hold your hand the whole way through with a warm and personable approach. The small classes enable her to give individual attention; she answers all questions and emails with daily and weekly office hours in addition to the weekly class. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. Now armed with all the knowledge I need; I can navigate my way with confidence. Whether you are new to the sync world or already have placements and need to step it up a few gears, this is the course for you! Just priceless! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Michèle!


Gerald O’Brien – Songwriter, Composer and Producer USA

When I first heard of this course, it sounded like a real good idea & I thought it would be helpful. Well, it was way beyond what I ever expected. Not only is Michèle Vice-Maslin a hit songwriter, producer, composer, etc., she is an equally amazing teacher and businesswoman. She was so incredibly thorough and explained everything with such depth and understanding. She taught us things about Sync that most of us didn’t even know existed. Truly an inspiring and amazing course and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn about TV/Film Sync.


Thank you so much Michèle, it has been an awesome journey!


 Mary Haller - Songwriter USA

“Thank you.”

The power of these simple words is one of the most beautiful things I took away from Michèle’s “From Song to Sync” class. Expressing gratitude is now a natural part of not only my email subject lines and opening and closing paragraphs. It is now something I try to incorporate into all my communications: with family, friends, and acquaintances; with my musical collaborators and music industry colleagues.


I value tremendously the new information I’ve learned from Michèle and my classmates about sync pitching, placement, and licensing. I appreciate the new tools I have for keeping my music and metadata organized. I love the increased confidence I now feel venturing into the world of film and TV.


I am grateful for the value-added I now bring to my relationships with those in the music industry. I like having a sense of how my music can be of service to music supervisors and their projects. I appreciate having a better sense, going forward, of how to create new music to serve their needs.


I am also grateful for the sense of connectedness, purpose, and order that this class has provided during a crazy and difficult (COVID) year. Grateful for a new group of friends and colleagues who I respect and value tremendously. Glad that I can now share my new sync and licensing knowledge with others in my songwriting community.


I am also grateful for my new habit: writing and saying, “thank you.” These two simple words have transformed my communications, and in turn, my relationships. They have already served me well in my music career.


To Michèle, for all you have taught us, for sharing your resources, knowledge, caring and passion.


To my classmates: for your enthusiasm, openness and genuine caring. For all you have brought to and shared in this class...I say thank you!


Amy Sky - Singer/Songwriter and Producer Canada

Michèle Vice Maslin is a triple threat: 1) a gifted songwriter, 2) a deeply knowledgeable music businesswoman; and 3) an excellent teacher. Not only does she clarify the key artistic elements needed to write songs for today\\'s sync market, but she is also able to explain the myriad of administrative tasks and processes necessary to compete professionally. Prior to taking this course, I was struggling to figure out this info by trial and error, but Michèle has a system for gathering the info in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. Most importantly, she breaks down the mystery behind how to network and communicate with the decision makers not only in the sync world, but also at labels and other income producing hubs of the music biz. And she is not do as I teach but do as I do! She is in the trenches daily: writing, producing, pitching, and managing her catalogue. So, her information is coming from the frontlines. I thoroughly recommend taking her course- it is worth every penny.


Steven Gart – Songwriter - Happy Hound Songs USA

HEY MICHÈLE! Re: “Not optimal” is forevermore a part of my vocabulary. And “Disco” is no longer just a dance and dress style from the 70s!


Accomplishments since class began:

Registered at BMI, Sound Exchange, THE MLC, Harry Fox, and many others…

Signed deal with music publisher (thank you for the intro)!

Signed Nashville Plugger (thank you for the advice)!

Pending sync agent deal!

Two songs into Crucial Music (thank you for the wisdom)!

Finished website!

MADE FRIENDS & CO-WRITERS & BECAME PART OF AWONDERFUL SHARING COMMUNITY! Learned the pitch process and am ready and confident to pitch using the resources you shared with us!


Thank you for always being available as a friend, mentor, and teacher! Thank you for all the time you sacrificed offering Mon-Fri email office hours on top of the regular weekly class and regular office hours via Zoom. Thank you for sharing your personal, professional and very extensive industry network with us! Thank you most for your unending patience, diligence, directness and for giving us all something special and worthwhile to look forward to every week during an incredibly challenging time; you really made a difference!


For you with love!

“…Although challenges lie ahead that we must endure / You’ve taught us hard work & persistence are the remedy & cure...”


Sakelya Bea - Nurse the Beat Entertainment Group USA

Michèle Vice-Maslin offers the best sync course I have ever taken! She is deeply knowledgeable about the material and is an amazing teacher. She goes the extra mile to make sure all her students are aware of the current changes in the music industry while keeping us on our toes for new opportunities. Thank you so much! I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get their songs placed in TV/Film and all media!


Cindy Sladek - Songwriter USA

I just want to say that you are a rare bird indeed! I have had many teachers and a couple mentors along life\\'s way, but you top them all! You literally took me by the hand and led me into this ocean of licensing and taught me how to swim. Thank you! Largely because of you I am swimming & getting better and better at it! Thank you!!!


It has been a great pleasure and challenge to learn from you in a class of amazing artists, who I now have the pleasure of working with. I am so thankful that we will continue as a community of musicians who are all growing and becoming better at licensing our music. Thank you for creating a place we can have as a reference library. Thank you for keeping your door open to us. Thank you for the extra time you took to help us grow and thank you for just being "you" for all of us! Thank you!


Bryce Hitchcock - Lyrical Moon Music USA

From Song to Sync covers what you need to know to be 100% prepared to head into the sync world. Michèle is a great teacher, and she provides invaluable information that you cannot get from other courses. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to better understand sync licensing.


Eren Tokgöz - Songwriter and Producer Turkey

I’m so glad -and proud- that I’ve done my night shifts fully and was able to become a part of your wonderful class!


I am so happy to know you, a Roman emperor - empress- energy plus such caring heart :) and a musician with such little ego :) exceedingly rare. As you also told me, I feel like a new era has started for my music life with your assistance and leading. I am so grateful for everything you’ve done. Hope to help you in return also, if I can, on any project (like when you need Middle Eastern music etc. … kidding!). Let this class be a beginning for life long wonderful projects!


Michèle… you & Harry & all the class have a home in Istanbul now!


Lynda Levy - Songwriter USA

Michèle…Michèle Vice-Maslin…she gave us homework! And we had to do it so she could be sure we understood everything about sync before we took our songs out. And she made us join organizations so we could maximize earnings! Who does that - who takes the time and cares that much about the people who sign up for an online course… Michèle Vice-Maslin, that’s who!! She’s the real deal, not only a superstar in the industry but a gracious, caring individual. I call so many other online classes nothing more than a “profit deal,” but Michèle honestly wants the people in her class to be successful. We received far more than the dollar amount we spent on the course. I will be forever grateful that I met her and forever energized to be successful in this business.


Jen Richardson - Singer/Songwriter USA

When I first started this class, I had only a basic understanding of the process of how the world of sync licensing works. There were so many missing pieces and I felt that I was still miles away from my first pitch. I learned so much from Michèle and the supportive group of people that she nurtured in this small, intimate class setting. It was such a unique experience in these times, to have these online classes and participate with the friendly faces each week. The topics were all encompassing, and if Michèle didn\\'t have an answer, she would go out of her way to research and connect with the right people and come back with the information. No question was ever too trivial, and she would go over the most complicated topics when we needed a refresher. She genuinely cares about everyone and where each person was at in their career. She gave great advice and coaching on our songs too, giving her time and highlighting what was working and what needed improvement. I highly recommend this class for anyone that wants to dig in and make sync licensing a viable career.


David McKee - Music & Sound Design: Game and Multimedia USA

Even before I started taking Michèle\\'s course, I could tell she is a person who absolutely loves what she does and cares for others. When I began taking the course, I was not too confident in the world of sync licensing. I didn\\'t know how to catalog my songs or how to properly get them to music supervisors. Her course gave so much information and she was always…ALWAYS…willing to answer our questions. The classes and office hours were less like a classroom and more like a small community or family meeting. It didn\\'t even matter exactly what type of music we did or what field of sync we were interested in, she always had some great advice. And if she doesn\\'t know right away, she will make the time to go and find the information, even if it was just one person who wanted to know. Her class is great and worth every penny. And the best part? You can take the skills and tools you learn and hit the ground running, even before the course is over! If you\\'re getting into sync, Michèle Vice Maslin\\'s Song to Sync course is 100% worth it. It will take some time and effort, but you will not regret it!


Szilva Vecserdy - Recording Artist and Songwriter Australia /USA

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from Michèle; she is truly a master of her craft. I now have the tools I need to be a successful self-administered songwriter. I have a newfound sense of confidence in my career that is so priceless. Michèle has not only given me the education but also the support. She generously shares her time and expertise and genuinely cares about her students, giving us all one-on-one time, which makes her course personalized and incredibly special. I feel so lucky and blessed that our paths crossed! For any songwriter who is serious about taking their tunes to the next level... look no further!


Katie Wellenberg - Singer/Songwriter and Music Blogger Germany

Thanks to Michèle, I finally feel ready to pitch my music to industry professionals! Michèle is a fantastic teacher and a music business legend. I am so thankful to count myself among her alumni! It is incredibly empowering to feel well equipped with expert knowledge on all things (royalties, licensing, metadata and so much more)! What I value the most is Michèle\\'s tireless tending to her students! She genuinely cares for each and all and is a mentor that I am hoping to keep in my circle of friends for life!


Shakeh Herbekian - Songwriter USA

There is no better source for guiding you through the nuts and bolts of the music business. If you are serious about learning what you need to know to get your music out there, you will find Michèle to be an endless source of information, suggestions, and encouragement. Michèle has constantly evolved and been successful and… best of all… doing so much of it brilliantly by HERSELF! So, if you want to take control of getting your music placed and hear the truth about what it’s going to take, invest in yourself and take her course.


Patricia Zehentmayr - Songwriter USA

I spent 6 months in a popular sync class and emerged from it with no more ability to compete in the world of song licensing than I had gone in with. Happily, for me, I then took Michèle’s class and now have a knowledge base as wide as it is detailed. Michèle is a mentor who not only wants her students to succeed but also gives them the tools we need to do so. Thank you, Michèle, from the bottom of my heart!


Patrice Peris - Songwriter USA

Michèle is a master at what she does, and I was able to gain a plethora of knowledge. Beyond the incredible of amount knowledge and confidence I gained Michèle was readily available for us all in and went beyond her necessary class hours to make sure no question went unanswered. With an always changing industry like the music business, she made a point to always pursue the right answers. If she couldn’t find them, she hosted people who would when a new platform or subject came up. I am walking away with so much gratitude and confidence. Michèle, you are a gem! I am thrilled to have been able to learn under you.


Fiona Joy Hawkins - Recording Artist and Songwriter Australia

Michèle opened the door to a new world. A world of possibility beyond touring and recording, a way to actually put my music to work and to good use. Navigating the intricacies of licensing and copyright isn’t easy, but Michèle steps you through it in a way that newbies can understand. Thanks for your patience and depth of knowledge Michèle.


Alina Fierra - Recording Artist and Songwriter USA

Taking Michèle\\'s class was one of the best things I ever did for my musical career. I finally understand why there are so many unknown, incredibly talented artists out there that never make any money. In this industry talent is not enough. If you don\\'t know the business side of it, chances of having a successful career are close to zero. This class is much more than a licensing class. It is about all the critical things you must know before diving into the music industry, especially song writing. Michèle even takes the time to review music and contracts and is always available to help during office hours. She puts much time and heart into everything she does. Thank you, Michèle for helping me regain my power though your knowledge.


Jypsy Nichols - Songwriter USA

From Song to Sync was worth every dollar I spent! I found each class to be packed with invaluable information and Michèle’s flexible, yet structured approach, helped me to develop a deeper understanding of each topic discussed. The course exposes students to the various methods used for leveraging research along with readily available resources to get their music published properly and in the hands of the people who need to hear it. I especially enjoyed the weekly live office hours, which gave me an opportunity to hear questions, comments and feedback from other students who are farther along in their music careers. These conversations mentally prepared me for the challenges faced when navigating music placements and how to avoid or overcome these obstacles. The course assignments also enabled me to actively apply what I was learning while I was learning it.


I recommend this course to all songwriters, producers, artists, and anyone else interested in the music industry. The knowledge and skills that you will gain from completing the From Song to Sync course with Michèle Vice-Maslin will not only build your confidence in pitching songs but will also give you a better foundation in music production and publishing.


Linda Lorence Critelli - Music Industry Professional. (Former VP SESAC, Former NY President/Trustee The Recording Academy)

Asst. Professor, Rider University, NJ, Arts & Entertainment Industries Management”

“From Song to Sync is an amazing opportunity for any songwriter wanting to break into the business of music licensing. There\\'s nothing better than learning from someone who is DOING and that is Michele Vice Maslin! She has been composing for film and TV and artists for decades and brings her experience and knowledge to this well organized course. She\\'s helping her students learn the ins and outs of song placements, pitching, royalty collection, organizing your catalog, licensing and writing music that sells! She is a great businesswoman who knows her stuff and is willing to share it with her students. Already they are seeing great results and getting placements from following her practical guidance and insider tips on how to launch a career in sync.


Shakeh Herbekian- Singer, Songwriter

“Can you handle the truth? If you are ready to get out of your “someday, someway” dream world and get the definitive answers to how to place your music in sync and make money the answers are here. I wish I had known all of this years ago.


Michele will help guide you through creating songs that have the best chance of being placed as well as helping you explore many avenues to generate income.


She will also show you how to dot your I’s and cross your T’s to best communicate with industry contacts which is invaluable.


Whether you are an artist wanting to market yourself and your songs, or a manager/producer/writer/creator, this course is well  worth the investment. Add to that, the support that Michele gives you personally every step of the way.


You will come out of this empowered and with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.”


Lilli Lewis - Singer, Songwriter, Record Label Manager

"Michèle Vice-Maslin\\'s From Song 2 Synch course is likely the most informative course of its kind. Michèle demystifies the world of licensing with a level of precision that inspires diligence, and teaches best-practices that emphasize service and the value of relationships. Those principles carry over into her interactions with each person she mentors, while encouraging mentees to support each other as well. With Michèle, you find a rare and invaluable combination of a true expert who you really feel is in your corner. There are simply no words for her remarkable presence, work ethic, and support. If you have a chance to learn about this exciting corner of the industry from this master, you should jump at it.


Sakelya Bea - Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

“I’ve been writing music and performing since I was 9 years old. I fell in love with music at an early age but had no direction! I didn’t know much about the business or even how to get paid as a musician. Michele, your course helped me to see the light! It has made a tremendous impact on my life! I would definitely recommend this course to others! Thank you so much!”


Brianna Ruelas, Reality TV Music Coach, Music Career Maximizer, Author, Singer-Songwriter

Michèle Vice-Maslin is a precious gem inside the Music Industry. She graciously extends her wide range of high level expertise to mentor and support others in their music careers, as she continues to grow hers. From Songwriting, to Production, Sync and Music Licensing, this Emmy-Award winning Woman in Music is a force to be reckoned with. Her true, authentic desire to empower artists and musicians to "just go for it" and not hold back, is unparalleled. It’s an honor to call her a friend, colleague and client.”


King Ferdinand - Songwriter, Producer

Your support and knowledge are invaluable and I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be a part of this group. Thanks Michele for putting your heart , your soul and hard work and sharing these super valuable insights with us . I mean, you give us your consciousness .Without this I think I would have to continue on the trial and error road for a while. This course definitely does speed up things a lot . I highly recommend this course to you , if you are serious about achieving your personal objectives.


Suzanne Grzanna - Singer, Songwriter, Saxaphone player

"Michele has all the answers you want to know. She is a guardian angel in the music business world."


Sid Mafoya – Songwriter

Michele is the best! She really creates a special environment of high support and love within the group, and sets a high bar for what is expected to succeed in the business.  I joined her class a few weeks late and she took the extra time and care to make sure I was all caught up. She knows her stuff and is an avid student of the business and all the changes as they happen. If you\\'re serious about success in the music business, I can think of no better mentor than Michele.


Durell Peart -Speaker. Artist Mgr, & Music Business Consultant

I would like to take a few moments to say a few words about my mentor and friend Michèle Vice-Maslin and her course “From Song To Sync”. I am so glad to be a student in Michèle’s live course on how to successfully pitch for sync placements. This course provides such a hands on approach on what the process is to successfully take industry standard recordings (masters) and compositions and make sure that they are ready to be commercially licensed. Michèle has used this course to provide creative suggestions that can be done in the production process to make sure that when the songs are pitched that they serve the production of visual media properly.


I am someone who works on behalf of creatives so the business behind creating the music is especially important for what I do. Michèle has taught me so much about what needs to be done when it comes to taking care of the business before the songs are even ready to be pitched. She is very adamant that her students learn the business basics of the pitching process because if this isn’t fully understood, it can cause music supervisors and music libraries not to ever want to place the songs which effectively can end all opportunities to create a lucrative revenue stream for the creatives in which I’m fortunate to work with.


I would recommend any creatives or music business professionals who are serious about wanting to add pitching for sync as a part of their business model and framework for success I definitely think they should take Michèle’s course “From Song To Sync”.


Kinley Downling - Singer, Songwriter

Michèle Vice-Maslin is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to the music industry. I saw her speak at a music conference and immediately wanted to learn more from her. She is very generous with her time to make sure everyone she teaches fully understands any material being taught. Taking her course was one of the best things I have ever done for my career. I’ve never felt more empowered going forward with my music and pitching it to music supervisors thanks to Michèle Vice-Maslin.



Admission per person: